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Welcome to The Joyful Life Project with Juliana Ericson

Breathwork Center of Nashville

About Juliana


I studied psychology and philosophy at Florida State and Vanderbilt Universities. I’m a Breathwork Trainer and teach people to do what I do. I’ve been trained at the Philadelphia Breathwork school, Sondra Ray’s Breathwork school, Liberation Training, A.R.T.I Rebirthing school, Kelly Walden & Debi Miller, and dozens of Loving Relationships Trainings across the United States. But the BEST training I've had is working with my hundreds of clients over the past 18 years. It has been my honor journeying with them on their path to joy and wholeness.

Empowering Blogs

Rose Touch Essential Oil

Rose Touch Essential Oil

Dec 5, 2017 | No Comments

This week’s Drop of Wisdom focuses on the new Rose Touch essential oil. Rose can also be found in our dōTERRA Console, Immortelle, and Whisper blends. Whisper is a fascinating oil for me because, when used as a perfume, its smell changes based on who wears it. For example, when my friend Deb wears it, […]

Copaiba’s Awesome Health Support

Copaiba’s Awesome Health Support

Sep 28, 2017 | No Comments

With a change in the weather comes a change in the product line up at dōTERRA. September’s Convention is always one of my favorite times in the year because of all the new products. Who doesn’t love new product, right? While I won’t be talking about all of them today, I will be telling you […]

Immune System Defense Can Smell Great

Immune System Defense Can Smell Great

Aug 22, 2017 | No Comments

OnGuard! This is one of my favorite oils not only because of the amazing benefits it brings to my family after a long day at school/work but because it smells so good! Diffusing OnGuard along with Wild Orange and Lemon creates a lovely scent that uplifts my family and boosts their immune system at the […]


  • I’m so grateful for you. You inspired my whole existence. Before having my first Breathwork session I was just a zombie in a human body.

    - Kamala Fleck

  • Juliana Ericson is a gracious, gentle, intelligent, awesome soul & teacher. She is facilitating my current stage of personal growth, and I am in the best of hands. I feel like I am peeling away more than one layer at a time of my onion skin. From her forgiveness book to her Joyful Life workshops, I am having a blast experiencing life in a new (happier) way.


  • My growth since beginning breathwork with Juliana has been nothing short of phenomenal. I have clarified goals, overcome fears, and have real hope for a joyful life for the first time ever! You will not be disappointed!

    - Terry Poff

  • Thank you for turning my world upside down!  It’s so much better on this side.

    - Elizabeth Duensing

  • I can’t begin to thank Juliana enough for the impact she has had on my life.  A year and a half later, I can honestly say the work I have done with Juliana has turned my life around. Breathwork has helped me get rid of my emotional walls, changed the way I think, and taught me how to be truly happy and excited about life.

    - Kara Porter

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