Corporate Wellness

Your benefits: Corporate Wellness is profitable for your company. It’s important to keep your employees happy. Happy employees usually means less absenteeism. Happy employees usually have fewer addictions and fewer health issues.  They’re more creative, more responsible, more efficient, and get along better with others.  And that translates into bigger profits for your company. 

Stress ~ Depression ~ Anxiety

Most companies don’t have processes to address significant changes in employee productivity or behavior.  In addition, only 1 in 5 businesses feel this is important enough to address as a priority. Because missed work days have a profound financial effect on a company’s bottom line, it is beneficial for most businesses to implement strategies to equitably monitor, reduce and respond to absenteeism. (Forbes article on costs of absenteeism)

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, the leading cause of absenteeism in the United States is depression. Depression can lead to substance abuse if people turn to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate their pain or anxiety. Here’s a great article from The Guardian on this subject.

Depression and Mental Health Disorders

• American employees used about 8.8 million sick days in 2001 due to untreated or mistreated depression (National Committee for Quality Assurance, 2002).
• Indirect costs of untreated mental health disorders results in a $79 billion annual loss to businesses due to loss of productivity and absenteeism (U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on Mental Health, 1999).
• Depression results in more days of disability than chronic health conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes (National Committee for Quality Assurance, 2004).
• According to the National Institutes of Mental Health, depression costs an estimated $23 billion in lost workdays every year.

Health Promotion Outcomes

• A review of 73 published studies of worksite health promotion programs shows an average savings of $3.50 for every dollar spent, in terms of reduced absenteeism and healthcare costs (Aldana, S. G., 2003).
• A review of 42 published studies of worksite health promotion programs shows an average 28% reduction in sick leave absenteeism , 26% reduction in healthcare costs, 30% reduction in workers’ compensation and disability management claims costs with a corresponding $5.93 savings for every dollar spent (Chapman, L. S., 2003).

Here are several solutions I can offer to help ensure mental and emotional wellness in your workplace.* 

  • increased productivity and enthusiasm
  • improved interactions with others
  • fewer sick days
  • increased initiative and creative problem solving
  • deeper sense of happiness and fulfillment
  • better workplace relationships
  • better resistance to stressors

Ways Juliana Ericson can help your business or non-profit:

Lectures and Seminar  Her inspiring lectures and seminars help employees recognize the tangible day-to-day effects of their private emotional issues.  Strategies are provided to help deal with these issues quickly and effectively.  Once an employee gains knowledge and awareness, they are better able to respond to their thoughts and feelings in positive ways.    $150 per lecture (Click here to see my LinkedIn recommendations)

Conscious Breathwork Corporate Rates  Companies who recognize the strategic advantage of keeping their management and staff happy and productive can take advantage of her monthly group Breathwork package.  In as little as 1-3 sessions scheduled 3 weeks apart, she can help your employees become calmer, happier, more productive, and better able to handle stress.  They’ll find their own answers and solutions to their personal  issues, which will leave them empowered.   Depression will often lessen without the dangers or cost of pharmaceutical intervention.  Your employees’ self esteem and interactions with others in the workplace will improve.  They’ll make better decisions and be more effective employees and managers.  They’ll assist your company in many presently untapped ways.  It’s a low-cost minimal short-term investment for optimal results!

Here’s how it works:

To obtain a corporate rate, you need a minimum of 4 participants in a single day. Your corporate discounted cost for the initial sessions is $40 per person.  Continuing group Breathwork cost is just $30 per person per session.

Payment options  Your employee could pay us directly and receive a receipt to submit to you for reimbursement. You could pay for the sessions, or opt to split the cost, or ask the employee to cover the entire cost. They will still save with our corporate rate. We accept cash or credit cards. You can also set up a payment plan with a company expense credit card

That means, your total investment in reducing the debilitating effects of depression, anxiety, anger issues, and low productivity in your workplace is just $40-$100 per employee (based on 3 sessions)!  What’s more, this investment will invariable translate into better productivity and lower health care costs.  In fact, statistics show that every $2.15 you invest in workplace wellness yields a $6.05 return.  That’s almost 300%!!  Most importantly, Juliana Ericson’s cutting edge program is a FRACTION of the cost of treating mental disorders by traditional methods.  And it yields better results more quickly without negative side-effects

Why are you waiting?  Email today.  We’d be happy to set up a lecture date or discuss how we can customize a program to fit the needs of your company.  Call me now at 615-212-5511 or Email 

* Although this information cannot be guaranteed, it is the usual outcome of these programs. You should see positive results with your employees after the first group experience.