Try Breathwork now/free

Here are 2 useful Breathwork techniques for you to use on your own. They’re helpful to use when you need some support with overwhelming emotions you’re experiencing. Breathwork helps move that energy through the body, usually making it easier to think and act clearer.

Breath Technique for extreme stress “4-7-8 Breath”

The first one is to be used when you’re experiencing extreme anxiety, anger, stress. We tend to contract and hold that energy inside, which is NOT healthy for our bodies and minds. This technique is called “The 4 – 7 – 8 Breath Technique”. Dr. Andrew Weil suggests it to use IN THE MOMENT of extreme stress, or even panic. A word of caution: only use this technique for the 4 rounds you hear in the audio here. You may do the 4 rounds again in an hour or so, but not more than 4 rounds at a time.

Calming Breath Technique for anytime you’re stressed

The second Breath technique can be used anytime for as long as you want. I use it when I’m stressed waiting in line when I’m late for an appointment or when I want to calm down before a big event I’m leading. It is known for bringing down blood pressure and calming the whole body. You will actually trick your body into thinking it’s relaxed and it will release the calming neurochemicals, endorphins. It might become your NEW BEST FRIEND! 🙂