Cedarwood Uses and Benefits

Hello!  Today I’m spotlighting Cedarwood essential oil. This oil has a warm, woodsy scent that promotes a relaxing environment when used topically or aromatically. I like to use a few drops of Cedarwood on a felt pad in my closet to ward off bugs or to freshen up my Cedarwood hangers and shoe trees. Cedarwood is […]

Your Ultimate Choice

Of course, we’re all on a journey. That’s what life is. Some journeys feel exciting and rewarding, some feel challenging or hopeless. Sometimes we feel stuck. In others maybe rushing too fast to catch our breath. All lives will have an “ultimate choice” moment, when our lives take a drastic redirection: good or bad. Life […]

Love Others As You Love Yourself

Love Others As You Love Yourself

I just returned from a great Breathwork Training in Philadelphia! I co-led it with my dear friend Maureen Malone. The group was highly motivated to delve into this powerful personal growth method. It was an honor to be present! On the way back I noticed how clouds appear as solid as the emotional blocks we […]

My forgiveness process today

The Forgiveness process is in 3 distinct parts.  The second part takes 7 days of writing certain pertinent sentences.  I wrote the last of these today and my cat was helping me  finish. Whenever I’m noticing that things are “off” in my life, I do a Forgiveness process.  For instance, when I’m noticing that I’m […]