I Didn’t Like Myself or My Life

For years I was bored with life. I didn’t like myself or my life. My experience Affirmation artthen was pretty joyless and I had no dreams for the future. I was numb and in a rut. I prayed daily & affirmed for my life to be different, even just a little better.  But nothing was changing and I couldn’t understand why. Not knowing what else to do, I just kept praying and hoping.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. 

We can learn life lessons in a hard way or an easy way. At that time in my life I had subconsciously chosen the difficult way, I guess to get my attention. It was a very dark time in my life and if I hadn’t had my children I really had no desire to live. Although, looking back I am grateful for those hard lessons which were like a hot fire forging steel to never be broken.

Then one day I realized why nothing had changed. I had been trying to change my life into something new by using the knowledge and tools I was familiar with. That’s why I continued to recreate over and over again my shallow and purposeless life! I was using the blueprint I was taught and familiar with – I repeated and repeated what I knew! I had to change the tools I was using to different ones to get different results. But how and what tools?!

What I learned:

I unknowingly attracted to me at that very time in my life powerful tools that I use to this very day. I attracted Breathwork, with it’s aim to show us that we’re innocent Divine beings with a Divine purpose to fill. I attracted A Course in Miracles, which I continue to read almost daily more than 20 years later. I attracted Meditation & Mindfulness, which I also continue to do. I am forever grateful to Margo Powell, my first angelic teacher during that chapter in my life. She never waivered from reminding me that I am innocent, I matter and that I am good enough. It took me a while to change my negative thinking about myself and about life, but I didn’t give up because I trusted her and followed her guidance. Thank you Margo!

It is my great honor and purpose to guide others along this beautiful path of self-discovery. I find tremendous pleasure in watching people become empowered with this work and guiding them to leave their negative self-judgement behind. So many stories of flowering, abundant lives, of transformation beyond expectation, because of the principles I’ve learned and pass on to people to apply to their own lives!

Please consider joining us for my annual Deep-Dive 3-Month Program called “The Joyful Life Experience” that begins April 22, 2016. You will be surprised at how wonderful life can be when you let it!

Love, Juliana

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