My New Year’s Gratitude Celebration by Myself (was fabulous!)

My Gratitude Bowl

My Gratitude Bowl

Last year I decided I wanted to do something extra special for my 2016 New Year Celebration. So I began preparing last January to celebrate this January. Over the past year I have been writing down when I had feelings of gratitude for someone or an event I experienced. I created a Gratitude Bowl that was clear glass so I could see the notes as they accumulated.

You may have heard that the more you focus on something the stronger or larger it becomes. Well, that’s certainly what happened with me! I saw my bowl each day and it reminded me to look in my life for where I was feeling gratitude. Sometimes when I wasn’t feeling gratitude as a regular occurrence, I sometimes made an effort to create good circumstances. Then after I felt the gratitude from what I’d created, THAT made me feel the gratitude for real.  🙂

Then this past New Year’s Eve after I ate a delicious meal I’d made for myself, I began reading my years worth of Love Notes. I read each one out loud and took time to remember each moment and the people involved. It was just wonderful! I will definitely do that again this year. I stuffed all of the notes in a little bag and placed it in the drawer where I keep my loving notes from others. I’ve been doing this for about 20 years and read some of them when I need uplifting.

We are certainly in charge of our lives – we may not be responsible for what happens to us, but we are ALWAYS in charge of our response. I practice looking for compassionate and loving responses whenever possible. And when I have trouble doing that, I get out my Course in Miracles book or pray or do Breathwork. What is your support to see a better response to negative situations? If you don’t have a plan of what and how to help yourself, it’s likely you’ll stay stuck and get caught in the world’s negativity and blame (which is a hellish way to live!). Maybe this year you can begin to create a plan to help yourself stay compassionate & loving.

Happy New Year, and may you have the courage to choose peace whenever possible. Love, Juliana