Patchouli Helps Keep Me Balanced & Calm

Today, I’m focusing on our Patchouli essential oil. This oil has been very useful to me as it contributes to a calming and grounding environment when things get overwhelming to me.  I sometimes combine Patchouli with Lavender and Cedarwood to keep my emotions balanced while I’m home. Patchouli oil is also one of the main components of dōTERRA’s InTune blend which is one of my favorite blends to help me stay focused. 

Have you added Patchouli oil to your essential oil collection yet? If you haven’t tried this wonderful oil yet, you are in for a pleasant surprise. There are several reasons to use this oil, but here are the top three benefits:

1.  Patchouli oil can benefit the skin. Use Patchouli oil to help get rid of the occasional skin imperfection or blemish, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, or just to improve the overall look of your complexion.

2. Patchouli oil can help to balance the emotions. When used topically or aromatically, Patchouli oil can help to balance your emotions when you are feeling frazzled or overwhelmed.

3.  Patchouli oil has many useful beautifying properties. In addition to using Patchouli oil for skin, you can also use it in your personal hygiene routine as a perfume, or to beautify the hair.

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If you are ready to learn even more about the uses and benefits of Patchouli, take a look at this article about Patchouli oil on the doTERRA blog.