I’m Inspired!

I’m inspired. I’m inspired! Yes it’s January full of new beginnings, I love the energy of January. But it’s more than the January-energy. I’m inspired by so many hopeful things happening around me. So many people awakening to an inner strength that had been dormant or maybe even nonexistent before!

I’m inspired because I feel that same inspiration in me, and it feels effortless. It’s like a river that I’m floating in easily, I don’t have to fight it, I can just relax and let it take me where it’s taking me. I love this!

I feel that aliveness is happening all over, even where it appears hopeless to others. Because I believe that God is in everything, I have faith that that Possibility

Hope and Possibility is lying dormant in all situations. I confidently sense that Hope lying dormant. And as I look for more, I see more. This is the river I want to be in – this is the life I want to be in!

My word – your word

A few years ago I began choosing one word that I wanted to use as my mantra for the year. A word that would be my touchstone when I felt lost; My peace when I didn’t feel peaceful; My focus when I got overwhelmed.

Some of those words were Allow, Satisfied, Peace, and Fearless.

This year the word I’ve chosen is Miracles. I choose to see miracles because I believe they exist, even when they’re not obvious at first. The word Miracles will be my touchstone this year.

What would your word be?

I wish you Peace and Inspiration!
🌺 Juliana