Your Ultimate Choice

Let your greater life in!

Of course, we’re all on a journey. That’s what life is. Some journeys feel exciting and rewarding, some feel challenging or hopeless. Sometimes we feel stuck. In others maybe rushing too fast to catch our breath. All lives will have an “ultimate choice” moment, when our lives take a drastic redirection: good or bad.

Life has its ebbs and flows, variations, “a time for every season under heaven”, as it’s said.

We can run into problems when we get stuck in the same patterns, repeating the same perceptions or methods of doing things instead of flowing with changes of life.

Being stuck is NOT natural. Life’s way is movement and flow.

When we try to hold that force back we’re actually holding back life (or trying to). This can show up negatively in our lives in the form of depression or anxiety in our emotional body, as illness in our physical body, as anger or bitterness in our mental body.

I remember the night I made my ultimate choice to get unstuck and move into my greater life. My life was in shambles. I’d just lost my dream home, my daughter, most of my inheritance, my self-esteem, even my desire to face each day.

Then everything changed for me

It was a very dark time for me. I remember one night crying to myself “I HAVE to rebuild my life – I cannot go on like this anymore!”. A still small voice in my head said “You don’t have to rebuild it in the same way – you can do it differently.”

From that moment on I redirected my life. My cry for help was answered with my surrender. Within two weeks I found A Course in Miracles and meditation. Within two months I found Breathwork (all of these things I still do today, 23 years later).

For years I kept repeating the same bad patterns, kept running into brick walls. I was scared and lost, exhausting all I’d had to give life. I was too scared to move into the unknown yet the notion of staying where I was seemed even more terrifying. My ultimate choice grew from my deep seated fear of not knowing what to do.

So I chose to follow that still voice, giving into a state of surrender. Looking back I see that my surrender was complete openness to hearing the help God had been trying to give me all along but I wasn’t willing to hear.

I trusted and JUMPED!!! It was absolutely the best choice I EVER made!

I’m writing about my story because I know some of you reading this are stuck or hopeless, or even simply bored with life. I would love to help you. But first you must decide you’re worth the effort.

You can make the change, but it’s much easier with help. I’m here to help. It’s my joy and my purpose for being here.