Pre/Perinatal & Birth Psychology


See how this exciting new psycho-science, called Pre/Perinatal & Birth Psychology, can help you activate your joy relatively quickly!

BREATHWORK + Pre&Perinatal PSYCHOLOGY + SPIRITUALITY counseling = a JOY filled LIFE!                 Get to the thoughts beneath the thoughts……


  • forceps birth people tend to sabotage events in their lives. They also tend to be angry more than most people, and often don’t even know why.
  • C-section people tend to either feel helpless in situations or over-compensate that need. Planned C-section birth people usually over-plan things.
  • People who were separated at birth from their mother & kept in an incubator have a tendency to have an extreme problem with separation from loved ones. Co-depency issues for adults sometimes begin here.
  • People who were not wanted or planned at birth tend to have a deep feeling that they’re not wanted by people, may overcompensate.
  • If the child was born a gender opposite of what parents wanted, they may have the feeling “I’m wrong” or “Something’s wrong with me”

Pre/Perinatal & Birth Psychology can be very effective in healing deep subconscious issues. Juliana Ericson has used this method successfully with her hundreds of clients. These pre-verbal thoughts and decisions are lodged in the body, and can be accessed through the work she does. Using Breathwork and special processes, she is able to help you access deep subconscious decisions you made early on that may not be serving you anymore. You’re in charge of your thoughts once you are aware of them, and Juliana Ericson will help you do that.

The hardest part about the healing process is usually committing to healing. When you’re ready to activate your joy, Juliana is here for you.

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