Prenatal development & birth articles

Prenatal, birth and perinatal stages are all important in the development of our mind, body and emotions. I’m including some prenatal development and birth articles for you to learn a little more about this misunderstood and undervalued part of our mind and emotional development.

babyThe Association For Prenatal And Perinatal Psychology And Health with Dr. Richard Chamberlain

What Cells Remember: Toward A Unified Field Theory Of Memory by Dr. Thomas Verney

Introduction to Life Before Birth by Dr. Richard Chamberlain

Birth & the Origins of Violence ~ Introduction by Dr. Richard Chamberlain

Birth Trauma is Real! by Dr. Richard Chamberlain

Fetal exposure to excessive stress hormones in the womb linked to adult mood disorders, Science Daily

Fetuses have short term memory at 30 weeks of development, Child Development & Los Angeles Times