Activate Your Joy With Sessions

COMMIT TO YOUR JOY – TO YOUR VIBRANT LIFE – TO LOVE!                                                                                              WHEN WORKING WITH JULIANA  AS YOUR LIFE ENRICHMENT COACH YOU’LL LEARN:

  • how to deepen your current relationships with yourself and others
  • how to transform a struggle life into an easier life
  • how to incorporate spiritualness into your everyday life
  • how to lighten up on yourself
  • how to increase your abundance
  • how to find your purpose
  • how to find your core negative thought that has created long-time negative patterns in your life
  • how to be happy and peaceful, create more joy in your life
  • how to open up your creativity and playful side

Most people wait years, or even a lifetime, to get counsel when they feel their lives are stuck. Some never get help and end up living unfulfilled, passionless lives. That doesn’t have to happen to you! Counseling & Breathwork sessions with me can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in your life – this work is unlike anything you’ve done. If you’re really ready for change, it’s here!


What makes these Counseling with Breathwork sessions different?

We’ll unravel the beginning of your negative patterns: Prenatal Psychology! Our Limbic system (emotional system) is formed at 6 weeks. That is when we begin downloading information from our environment, at that time through our mother. Much of what happens to our mother during our womb experience is passed on to us via neurohormones, such as endorphins, cortisol, adreneline. In a very primitive way, our subconscious creates decisions about life we live out as adults.

I specialize in helping people find the core negative decisions (i.e. Life is a struggle, I’m not worthy, I don’t matter) and help them rewrite those thoughts, which can greatly improve the quality of their lives. As a prenatal psychology specialist, Juliana Ericson can help you get to the THOUGHTS BENEATH YOUR THOUGHTS!

You are lovable! Find out how really fabulous you are! Experience your fearless awakening, I can help you! You can make huge shifts in your life when working with me as your positive thinking coach. Contact me for your FREE consultation to discuss what relationships are not working in your life, including the one with yourself, and how I can help you become your Most Amazing Self!


Make Spiritual Life Enrichment & Breathwork Sessions part of a Healthy Living protocol for yourself

My promise to you is that I will work at co-creating a therapeutic relationship that is honest, collaborative, nonjudgmental, creative, and fun. I will work as hard as you’re willing to work!

Your promise to me would be that no matter how hard it may be, you won’t give up on yourself! You’ll be willing to try new things and be open to new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.                                              Change is safe! Joy for you is possible!


Juliana is available for corporate “Lunch & Learn” 30-minute talks for $150. She is also available for group breathing sessions and workshops on various life-enriching topics, such as :

“I’ve been attending  talks & continuing ed workshops for years and this one had the biggest impact on me. It’s caused me to mull over [what she said in her talk] for weeks and share it with others.” – Susan Kirby, Worship Coordinator, First Presbyterian Church of Nashville, TN

Juliana has led workplace wellness workshops as several Nashville businesses. Chronic stress erodes the body’s immune system, making employees more prone to illness and lost workdays. She explains the detriments to poor breathing patterns and teaches breathing techniques to create enhanced mood and health.

A little training in breathing can go a long way toward promoting a more peaceful and productive workplace.

Contact me to discuss how I can design a custom program for your company, group or church group.

~ “Relieve Stress Naturally with Breathwork”
~ “The Change Factor: Forgiveness”
~ “How Your Prenatal Life Affects Your Adult Life”
~ “Our One Big, Secret Lie (and how we play it out if our lives)”