Need an inspiring speaker? Does your group want to hear a meaningful message?

Juliana is available for corporate “Lunch & Learn” 20-minute talks for $150. She is also available for Group Breathing sessions and Wellness Workshops on various life-enriching topics such as:

~ “Relieve Stress Naturally with Breathwork”

~ “The Power of Forgiveness”

Chronic stress erodes the body’s immune system, making employees more prone to illness and lost workdays. She explains the detriments to poor breathing patterns and teaches breathing techniques to create enhanced mood and health. Juliana has led workplace wellness workshops at several Nashville businesses.

A little training in breathing can go a long way toward promoting a more peaceful and productive workplace.

workshopContact me to discuss how I can design a custom program for your company, group or church group.


~ “Relieve Stress Naturally with Breathwork”
~ “The Power of Forgiveness”
~ “How Prenatal and Birth Psychology Affects Your Life Now”
~ “Our One Big, Secret Lie (And How We Play It In Our Lives)”

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