Spiritual Disciplines are Essential to A Joyful Life

12790931_10153832874985155_7940730001417905512_nI had a heart-opening experience on my patio this morning. These times are precious, and wish they happened more often. It’s when my heart bursts open with love and gratitude. It expresses itself in me sobbing and knowing with confidence that I am safe, I am love, I am innocent, I am my Father’s child. These moments of transcendence last for a few minutes, then I come “back” to my body in awe at what I’d just experienced. The rest of my day is usually blissful even if I run into difficulties. My heart stays open the whole day, or days after. It is quite a gift to me and spreads to those around me!

Spiritual Disciplines

What brought about this experience today is the spiritual book I was reading. Mine was A Course in Miracles, but it could be any book that inspires you and speaks to your heart. I encourage everyone to have such a tool. I advise my Life Enrichment clients to have several spiritual disciplines that they use regularly and one in particular they use daily. I believe our connection to Spirit is our armature, our strength, our anchor in a storm.

I am a Breathwork coach. One of the things it does it to help us feel our divinity, as well as release all that covers up our divinity. Forgiveness does that also. When we forgive someone we automatically see them as part of God because we see the divinity in them.

Find at least one spiritual discipline to do. Doing it regularly will strengthen and enrich your life beyond anything you can imagine. Here are some spiritual disciplines I can suggest to you from experience:

  • pray
  • chant
  • meditate
  • walk labyrinths
  • read sacred texts (Bible, A Course in Miracles, etc)
  • joyful laughter
  • fast
  • tithe to where you get your spiritual food
  • practice gratitude daily, including write down gratitudes daily
  • practice seeing the Divinity in each person’s eyes you encounter
  • Bless each person in your mind as you speak to them

Peace to you and to those you love, Juliana