In The Beginning God Said “I Love You”

In the beginning God said “I love you. Pass it on.” Why is it so hard to believe that we’re totally and completely loved, that we are innocent and pure? Why do we reject those ideas, or even fight them, and listen instead to that mean, belittling voice in our head that says “you’re not worth it, not good enough, you’ll never become what you want, so why waste time trying?

12790931_10153832874985155_7940730001417905512_nWe’ve given our ego, the part of our mind that we made, WAY too much time and attention. We’ve gotten so far away from the truth of who we are that we can’t even accept the idea that since we were made by Love (God), we logically ARE Love. Whatever God made never ends, never decays, never is defiled in any way. That is why the statement “You are innocent” is true. You may think you’ve done many bad things that have tainted your innocence, but the truth is the part of you that God made has NEVER been touched by anything bad. It still remains pure and powerful forever.

Because we were made by Our All Powerful Creator in His image, we must also be worthy. We must also be powerful. We must also be good enough. How could we be anything else?!!

The truth is, our ego-mind rules us by fear. And as we fear, we create evidence that what we fear is real. The more we do that, we create a vision of our life that reflects those fearful beliefs, and then that is what we experience.

What a wonderful experiment it would be for you to spend even ONE DAY, ONE HOUR pretending you’re not afraid of anything or anyone. That you are worthy, you are innocent, you are good enough. That little bit of reprise would show you that not only can you survive, but you can go on and thrive!

The world needs more people who are not afraid to be present in their Divine selves – to glow and shine the light of forgiveness and empowerment, the knowingness of their Divinity. That is the charge we were given in the beginning when God said “I Love you. Pass it on.”

I wish you peace this day, to you and to those you love,


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