Conscious Breathwork

What is Conscious Breathwork?


Conscious Breathwork: A new approach to self-exploration and wellness. Breathwork is a simple, effective technique to clear emotional discomfort & bring massive amounts of joy.

Experience the powerful ability of your own breath to clear your mind and heal your body. Create a clearing for increased happiness, money, balance & success in your life!

The benefits of this type of Breathwork include an increased ability to feel and resolve the effects of the past, increased vitality and aliveness and a more insightful and fulfilling experience of yourself and your relationships.

Conscious Connected Breathing often leads to an altered state of consciousness which allows access to places that bypass your mind. It can be felt as a transcendent state where all possibilities reside.

Breathwork is experiential, body-focused technique that allows clients to experience spiritual, emotional, and somatic body experiences related to negative beliefs or blocks in a safe, supportive environment. Breathwork is a powerful personal development tool that uses conscious connected breathing techniques to bring to the surface of our awareness the physical, mental, and emotional blocks that keep us in unhealthy patterns. Many find that this wellness practice allows them to explore emotions and traumas rooted and suppressed deep in our core, and can gently allow them to rise to our surface awareness to be healed.

Conscious connected breathing (pranayama) is a profound practice which opens us up to feel more radiantly alive, clear, and connected. 

Through this deep and continuous way of breathing, our usual and unconscious ways of holding reality are relaxed. What flows is a personal experience guided completely by our subconscious & spirit. 

Some experience tingling sensations, surrender, forgiveness, and emotional surges their vibration rises. Creative ideas often flood in at quantum speed! 

Limiting core beliefs which are normally unconscious become clear. All cells are infused with prana (life-force) raising our vibration and perspective. As the illusory walls of separation melt away, a deep sense of Unity occurs.

Some common positive changes:

▪ If you are in, were in, or want to be in an intimate relationship, learn to raise the quality of these relationships.

* Increased self-esteem, happiness, money, balance and success in your life.

▪ Improve your business relationships with your clients, co-workers and employer.

▪ Learn better communication skills, and learn cooperation.

▪ Incorporate spiritual solutions in your daily life.

▪ Learn to let go of the past (forgive).

▪ Identify what is currently in the way of healthy, loving relationships and learn tools for change.

* 75-minute Conscious Breathwork-only session is $110

* 2 1/4 hour Positivity Life Coaching session PLUS BREATHWORK (one hour of each). First session is $185, with all following ones being $165.

* 2 1/4 hour Forgiveness Coaching Session, INCLUDING BREATHWORK, IS $165..

All credit cards, Venmo, PayPal, cash and checks accepted.

Gift a friend or family. Contact here to arrange payment with Juliana

PREGNANT? Read about the benefits of Conscious Breathing here:



Try Stress-Relieving Breath Technique Now

Easy Breath technique to help relieve stress and anxiety.

The Joyful Life Training begins January, 2020!

The Joyful Life Experience 3-month Life Coaching Program begins January, 2020. Breathwork is one of the most powerful ways you can make huge changes in your life, improving your mental and emotional wellness beyond what you've even imagined. Tap into your personal power, inner peace & purpose that is ready to be awakened. This Breathwork workshop will rock your world!!

This 3-month program is so powerful, it is part of the 6-month program required to become a Breathwork Coach - you can learn how Positivity Life Coaching can improve your own life as you help others improve theirs. Read below for more details.

Joyful Life Training 2020

Is this training for you?

If you are a conscious person who has practiced yoga, read plenty of self-help books, attended healing workshops, but still stuck or lost, this program is for you. 

Being together in a group of like-minded soul searchers provides a forum for meaningful interaction, growth, education, challenge and community. This 3-month program is facilitated by Breathwork Trainer Juliana Ericson and is supported by seasoned guest teachers and a grounded assistants team. This is a high quality training and accelerated personal growth program. We invite you to join us for this profound journey within!

Some of the topics include:

  • Experience the powerful effects of Conscious Connected Breathing on your mind, body and spirit
  • Understand how to apply the Law of Attraction & Conscious Creation to your life's questions and problems
  • The transformative power of Forgiveness
  • Communication and intimacy
  • Healthy boundaries as empowering tools in your life
  • Effects of Birth on unconscious core beliefs and solutions for change
  • Positivity as a transformative tool for change
  • Reprogramming our health

Dates for this program are:

  • January 24-26, 
  • February 21-23, 
  • March 27-29 of 2020.  

All weekend times are Friday night 6:30-10pm, Saturday 9:30a-7pm, Sunday 9:30-6:30pm

Located in a private home in Nashville, Tennessee.

Tuition: $1,495

Reviewers: $900

Couples: $2,800

Deposit: $500

(Payment plans available)

All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Complimentary Breathwork session ($100 value) for full payments made before November 1, 2019.

If you are interested in this program or have questions, please call 615-212-5511 or click here to email Juliana.



Listen to what Juliana has to say about the 2019 Water Breathwork weekend

Water Breathwork Weekend August 22-23, 2020!

Powerful for Improving Relationships

If intimacy has been an enigma to you, and you'd like to learn once-and-for-all HOW to have it with healthy boundaries in ALL your relationships, here's a great suggestion for you!  "Allowing Intimacy" Water Brethwork Weekend can show you surprising answers that have been inside you all along. 

You'll learn transforming tools to show how you can win big in the field of relationships. Look into your subconscious and rewrite what's not working in your life.  

Water Breathwork can help you move through blocks that may have seemed impossible before.  It can bring up womb and birth memories, which is where many of our mental traps began, for healing.

"On December 31st, when I listed my accomplishments for the year, I listed the Breathwork Water Weekend as one of my greatest accomplishments!"  

- Susan, Nashville Real Estate Owner/Developer

Investment in you: $395, $695 for couples

EARLYBIRD DISCOUNTED rate: $350, $625 for couples (prepay BY JULY 31st)

Saturday and Sunday, August 22-23, 2019. 9am - 6:30pm both days

A private home in Nashville/Bellevue,  TN 

Contact Juliana here to make your reservations, make payment, ask questions.

                                         ABOUT BREATHWORK IN WATER

Being encapsulated in water is our original womb-like state and can quickly bring deeply stored emotions to the surface for healing,  Warm water Breathwork is a very powerful process for releasing stored pain and suffering, 

Intimacy issues can be stimulated when Consciously Breathing in water.  This is a marvelous opportunity to move through your issues around intimacy & commitment in a nurturing and loving way. There will be plenty of love and support for your healing process.


This type of Breathwork also deals with our authority issues.  Many people don't realize that problems with and resistance to authority can begin at birth, since our first authority figure is our obstetrician!  You will learn about how this may have occurred in your life and how to recreate the thoughts.

Boundary issues are addressed in Water Breathwork, because it has to do with our womb & birth experience and how boundaries may have been violated.  What was going on in our parents' lives when we were in the womb effects us now.  Births, such as induced, forceps, cesarean and turned-in-the-womb, often create negative effects for them as adults.  This process of Conscious Breathing  in water can help move through trauma caused at birth or en utero, creating a previously unknown life of joy and freedom.  By learning how our original boundaries may have been adversely affected, we're loosened to begin building new boundaries that will serve us better.  This workshop will show you how.

Call Juliana at 615-212-5511 with questions or to register.