Natural Solutions for your Joyful Life, Including Breathwork

Natural Solutions for your Joyful Life, Including Breathwork

Natural Solutions for your Joyful Life, Including BreathworkNatural Solutions for your Joyful Life, Including BreathworkNatural Solutions for your Joyful Life, Including Breathwork

Learn to live in a continuous state of peace & joy

The components of this work are Positivity, Breathwork & DoTerra Essential oils

A Joyful Life is more than simply being happy. It's about living a life of meaning and purpose, being present, honoring all things and being grateful for the abundance of natural gifts available to us each day. 

And Wellness is more than being free from illness: it is an everblooming process of change and growth towards an abundant life of peace and joy. You'll find powerful tools here to help you on your Journey. 

Positivity: a way of experiencing life in new and wonderful ways


We have to change who we are now to experience the life we want to achieve. For some it might be scarey to let go of the familiar. Positivity is about looking forward to what you want. It's about letting the desire of who you want to be pull you forward, not constantly being pulled into the past. 

Wayne Dyer said it well "The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of the state of your mind.”

Breath is medicine. Breath is LIFE.


When we are not breathing optimally, we are holding back life. Our body needs oxygen, our mind need it, our emotions need it. Most people only breathe 20-30% capacity. Lack of oxygen can lead to health challenges, from heart problems to depression.

Juliana Ericson has been a Conscious Breathwork coach for 22 years, helping more than a thousand people feel the bliss of breathing optimally. Are you ready for the next level of healing?!

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Blessings of health and wellness to you!

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DoTerra Essential Oils

Why DoTerra

DoTerra oils are used confidently by doctors, therapists, hospitals, veterinarians, nurse midwifes, and moms.

DoTerra Essential oils will support you on 

your physical, mental and emotional health journey to a Joyful Natural Life.

My story

I've been using DoTerra for 4 years now, for a variety of health concerns. I'm convinced!

How to get yours wholesale?

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Natural Living with DoTerra and Positivity

Natural Living and Natural Joy

Essential Oils?!

Essential Oils?


Most people don't know what real essential oils are, and that they can be used for 80% of our common health concerns you buy OTC at drugstores. Use topically, internally, diffuse

Learn the basics of what essential oils are, how to use them safely, why DoTerra is different from other essential oils, and how Juliana's DoTerra journey began.

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Do you have questions about whether essential oils really work? Read some of these testimonies from real people about real health concerns these oils have alleviated. 

You might be shocked at what these oils actually did and how these customers found answers. Some had given up all hope of ever getting better or finding an inexpensive way

Classes and Events


DoTerra is a multi-billion dollar company, the largest essential oil company in the world. They offer some great regional and national events that keep us informed as customers and support us as business owners. It's fun to meet other lovers of natural healthcare at these events!

Recipes & Uses


DoTerra is ALL ABOUT education and empowering their customers about how to effectively and safely use their powerful oils. 

Learn how to use DoTerra essential oils for common ailments, recipes for cooking, cleaning products, 

pets & more!

Want Financial Freedom?


Are you stuck in a job that drains you? Do you live paycheck to paycheck with no end in sight? Is your savings account too small to provide for dreams of retirement? 

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You Can Have Financial Freedom!

Make time to succeed!


If you don't know how to begin, don't worry! DoTerra has all the training and marketing you'll need to succeed. You can't fail with DoTerra as long as you don't quit. We'll help you succeed.

Stay home with your kids


Most doTerra Wellness Advocates are moms, many with young children. The reason they love DoTerra's business model, is they can be at home with their families more. Everyone wins!

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Making money with DoTerra


If you're curious about exactly HOW you'll make money with DoTerra, watch this short video that explains it in basic terms.

What is your WHY?


Everyone needs to have hope in their future. It helps to dream about possibilities to make you and your family's lives fuller. What are yours?



How do you get started with DoTerra?

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How will you know what to do?

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