What is Positivity & How It Works

Positivity & How it works

Life events, stresses of everyday life, codependency, depression can all take us way off course of where we want our lives to be. Before long, our life doesn’t look anything like what we had wanted. We crave balance, meaning and passion but don’t know how to get it or from where.

Traditionally, people focus on what they don't want, maybe triggered by past events. They get more of what they don't want because they expect that based on what they've always experienced. 

Positivity is about focusing on what's possible, even though it may never have happened in your life (yet), and letting that desire for the possibility pull you forward.

Positivity is about focusing on what you DO WANT, letting that excitement and peace draw you forward. The more we do this, the less baggage we'll carry with us from our past. 

Positivity takes practice and a learned way of looking at life's experiences. Juliana Ericson specializes in this. She has for 24 years with over a thousand clients. She will help you create a brand new version of yourself, that’s been hidden or uncreated as of yet. Choose what you want to create; She'll be your support and guide helping you see ways of looking at life that may be brand new to you.

You’ll learn to look at what’s really going on in your life: your subconscious thoughts that might be blocking your greater self. Learn some powerful unique tools and processes to help you see how your past experiences might be affecting you now. Then learn specifically how to reprogram your mind to create your desired results.

Juliana's intention is to empower people with the full-out, passionate, meaningful lives they were created to live. How about yours?


* Your life is stuck and boring – you’re tired of waiting for it to change.

* You want to learn how to attract a loving relationship that’s honest & real.

*You’re in a new life-chapter (divorce, empty-nest, job change, etc) and want to live life differently, but don’t know how or what to do.

*You feel a calling inside yourself to bring forth a gift with meaning and you don’t know how to do that.

* You don’t feel like you fit in anymore.

* You don’t enjoy even getting up in the morning, because life doesn’t seem to have joy anymore

In working with me, together we’ll look at:

  • improving your self-esteem and self-worth
  • finding your patterns of self-sabotage
  • finding your blocks to intimacy and love
  • improving your creativity
  • finding any blocks you may have to being happy
  • finding your purpose
  • finding what your beliefs and values are
  • finding your blocks to prosperity
  • finding sources of any struggle patterns you may have
  • creating spiritual “groundedness” in your life
  • creating the life you’e always wanted, but were afraid to ask for

Juliana Ericson has helped hundreds of people like you reclaim their life and create their dreams. Let’s work on your dream life today! Click here to contact me, and she’ll get back to you within 24 hours.