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PreNatal and Birth Psychology

It can be difficult for some people to believe that how we experience our relationships begins as far back as when we were in our mother's womb, or our birth experience. The international Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology has been studying this subject since 1983.

Actually our very first experience of intimacy was when we were inside our mother. Her body was our whole world, it was all we knew. It provided our nourishment, oxygen, everything. Whatever our mother ingested passed through her bloodstream, through the placenta and into us: food, even tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

The neurochemicals our mother's body created as expressions of emotions she experienced, like adrenalin, cortisol, endorphins, etc., also passed through to us. So we experienced what she was experiencing based on the neurochemicals flowing through us as they were flowing through her. I like then process to a sort of morse code communication to the fetus/us, teaching us how to live in this world once we were out.

We literally programmed from the womb how to live some of life's basic experiences: relationships to people, money, friends, even ourselves. So, what happened in our mother's relationships to others has a great deal to do with how we manage our relationships as adults. Especially our intimate relationships.


The good news


The good news is that once we notice the program, via indicators like repetitive lifelong patters, we can begin to change those behaviors and thoughts systems which are creating those patterns. We can literally rewrite and replace the parts of our belief system. We can make it to support what we want, what we feel would be a happier and easier way to live.

We can do all of long as we feel good enough and worthy. This is one of the important pieces where Rebirth Breathwork helps so beautifully! Rebirth Breathwork goes to the thoughts BENEATH the thoughts, and helps to recreate them. And when we can find those very early preverbal "decisions" (remember the morse code reference I mentioned earlier), we can save years of pain and suffering. We can rebirth our life!

Powerful healing potential

As an overview, Rebirth Breathwork helps to:

  • teach our body/mind how to free the physical and emotional bodies from traumatic or suppressed experiences, such as unconscious birth and womb memories.
  • guide us away from victimhood and toward empowerment; rewriting our "story"
  • integrate previously inaccessible emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energies
  • release negative emotional charge from cellular memories