Testimonials from Breathwork & Positivity Clients

Lives Improve!


"Hi Juliana, I’m doing extremely well!!!  I haven’t felt this good in years, not to mention that my abdominal pain that I’ve struggled with for 3 years (western medicine was of no use) - is completely gone! I even told my husband that I was a little worried I was getting sick bc I was feeling so relaxed and ‘light’...

Thank you soooo much for everything! You are my lifesaver!" - Joan M, Physical Therapist

The work I have done with Juliana has turned my life around. Breathwork has helped me get rid of my emotional walls, changed the way I think, and taught me how to be truly happy and excited about life.” – Kara Porter, Nashville, TN

“I just wanted to let you know that I have NEVER had any self-esteem or confidence to take on any of my problems. And now I’m on a ROLL taking care of situations in my life–and it’s all thanks to you and your loving attitude.” – Michelle, Nashville, TN

“My new business venture and new relationship has materialized totally because of my work with you, Juliana. My sessions marked the most profound change I’ve known in my entire life.” – Mary, Nashville, TN

“I can not believe how the universe has turned around and is showing me such love and reflecting such happiness on me since beginning my work with you!” – Shannon, Nashville teacher

“What a gift to have met you! Without a doubt, I was meant to have you enter my life. I’ve often pondered the question, ‘Why am I here in Tennessee?’, now I know. Thank YOU!” – Terry, Song writer, Nashville, TN

“Thank you again for today’s session. The insights you share on life are just amazing. You are truly a gift to this world! “ – Kara, Nashville

“I just don’t know where I’d be today if I hadn’t found this Breathwork. It has saved my life!” – Marla, Nashville

“It was amazing working with you. My “little voice” is telling me you are a gift to be treasured. Your warm smile and gentle spirit are going to change my life. 2012 is going to be a GREAT year that is going to change my life and others. And, that is thanks to you for giving me the courage and direction to make the necessary changes.”

“The information I received from you has been tremendously helpful, and I am beginning to understand the meaning of simply ‘trusting the process’. Just your very presence and being, your Light has had an impact on me in terms of creating a safe and unconditionally loving environment in which to reveal such personal vulnerability, hurt and pain for healing. Although I know there is still more to uncover, I look forward to becoming Lighter! Returning ‘home’ to myself has been a long arduous journey and this Breathwork has truly been THE path for opening me up to a whole new world. Freedom at last!” – Leslie, Nashville

“What an impact those moments in my session had on me! I experienced a truly defining moment in my life. I feel so fortunate that I have met you and that you are sharing your gift with us. I am hopeful about my future and where this will lead me.” – Kara, Special Ed Teacher, Nashville, TN

“I am so Thankful that you came into my life. You made it possible for me to Believe that I could Change and that I can be in Control of my life.” – Kathy, Teacher, Nashville, TN

“On December 31st, when I listed my accomplishments for the year, I listed my Breathwork Water Weekend as one of my greatest accomplishments!” – Susan, Nashville Real Estate Owner/Developer

“I know [my 13-year old daughter] gets a lot out of her sessions with you and she has been asking to see you again. Her compulsiveness has subsided since her sessions with you.” – Mary, Nashville principal

“Since my very first breathwork session I’ve been sleeping better, have more energy and feel much more at peace.” -Vicki, Nutritional Counselor, Murfreesboro, TN

“You will never know how much I enjoyed my session with you yesterday. It was wonderful to release all the stories and emotions to someone who is truly interested in helping me – not judging me. It was such a freeing experience!” – Cathy, Office Manager, Nashville, TN

“I just wanted to let you know that I have NEVER had any self-esteem or confidence to take on any of my problems. And now I’m on a ROLL taking care of situations in my life…and it’s all thanks to you and your loving attitude.” – Michelle

“I feel you represent the archangel St. Michael fighting for us to find the true us. Thank you!” – Nashville policewoman