"Allowing Intimacy" Water breathwork weekend, August 2020


Powerful healing potential for relationships!

If intimacy has been an enigma to you, and you'd like to learn once and for all HOW to have one with healthy boundaries in ALL your relationships, here's a great suggestion for you! "Allowing Intimacy" Water Breathwork weekend can show you surprising answers that have been inside you all along.


Our womb & birth effects our relationships

Water Breathwork can help you move through blocks that may have seemed impossible before. It can bring up womb and birth memories, which is where many of our mental traps began, for healing. 

Being encapsulated in water is our original womb-like state and can quickly bring deeply stores emotions to the surface for healing. 

Warm water Breathwork is a very powerful process for 

releasing stored pain and suffering.


Intimacy & authority issues.

Intimacy issues can be stimulated when Consciously breathing in water (Rebirthing Breathwork). This is a marvelous opportunity to move through your issues around intimacy & commitment in a nurturing and loving way. There will be plenty of love and support for your healing process.

Boundary issues are addressed in Water Breathwork because it has to do with our womb & birth experience and how boundaries may have been violated. What was going on in our parents' llives when we were in the womb effects us now. Births such as induced, forceps, cesarean and turned-in-the-womb, often created negative effects as adults. This process of Conscious Breathing in water can help move through trauma caused at birth or en utero, creating a previously unknown life of joy and freedom. 


Allowing Intimacy Water Breathwork

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  • When: Saturday/Sunday, Aug 22-23, 2020
  • Times: 9am - 6:30pm both days
  • Where: a private home in Bellevue, TN
  • Investment in you: $395, $695 for couples
  • Earlybird discount: $350, $625 for couples (prepay by July 31st, 2020)
  • Renewers discount: $225

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