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Call Breathworker Life Coach 

Call Breathworker Life Coach 



Conscious Breathwork has been used for thousands of years  to cultivate physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It’s a superior form of natural stress relief. The term, Pranayama is about 3,500 years old and came from Ancient India. It is the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana, or vital life force. The practices include powerful natural relaxation techniques.

It’s a natural and somatic way of helping our body/mind heal. Breathwork benefits align the body, mind and spirit, giving a greater sense of ease and pleasure. Once we’ve experienced a more relaxed version of life, we’re more willing to relax, then see what else we’re capable of! 

Breathwork explained in a nutshell = Relaxation: If you want to experience deeper states of calm and well-being, the key is to develop good breathing habits. Using a gifted Life Coach, like Juliana Ericson in Nashville, you will understand the power of your own breath. Breathwork Meditation is not the same as a Breathwork session. Conscious Breathwork is an active breathing process that lasts an hour supported by Juliana’s personal coaching. It does bring an immense sense of relaxation and deep peace simultaneously on mental, physical and spiritual levels.


Breathwork is a dynamic body-mind practice using conscious connected breathing for inner peace, enhanced health, wellbeing and personal transformation. Conscious Breathwork benefits provides a doorway to exploration of high levels of consciousness in a safe atmosphere.

There’s a magic that happens when we breathe into our heart center. You can feel deep connection, safety and spaciousness. In this place, the heart opens. Emotions flow. And the support of a loving personal coaching guide like Juliana Ericson creates a cocoon of permission to share in new ways, to be heard and heal.


Breathwork explained: Conscious Breathing has many breathwork benefits and variations, used for various purposes. Conscious Connected Circular Breathing, Rebirthing Breathwork, is the type of Breathwork I share with my clients. It’s a VERY POWERFUL healing tool, that is natural and works pretty quickly to remove emotional toxins from our multi-bodies.

At birth, we are born with a breathing impulse. Somehow the body knows what it has to do to breathe. But, then we have traumas, where our breathing is inhibited. We also have mis-learned how to breathe, leaving us sub-ventilating, with all its lack effects. Teaching our body-mind how to breathe fully and without fear is a goal in these sessions. This type of Breathwork, with the additional processing, helps to find sabotaging core beliefs that have been stored since birth, and even from the womb experience. Read about that here:

Breathwork is energy medicine, there’s no denying that!

Rebirthing Breathwork is the WHOLE PACKAGE. It’s the version that specializes in the Mind, Body and Spirit as a whole. Each 2 hour session (in Nashville or online) helps to heal the subconscious mental programs, what the body has been holding subconsciously and physically, and then guiding towards an empowered life with positivity tools.

Some favorite of Breathwork benefits are that it cultivates greater emotional resilience, amazing stress relief, becomes the inner resources to face any challenge, and the capacity to break through areas of chronic “stuckness.”

Watch Juliana speaking with Nikki of Nashville Yoga Company talk about the Group Breathwork she led there.


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During the hour-long session, you will be comfortably reclined, fully-clothed, with a pillow under your knees for support and a small roll under your neck for support. This will make sure the neck is not crimped, and it will allow the heart area to open. Rebirthing Breathwork is about opening the heart where all the healing happens.

Then for 1-hour you will be guided to gently breathe in a particular way, with the mouth open. Breathing through the nose is also fine. Eyes closed. The I will play soothing music that helps the body relax and flow with the energy being released. Whenever strong emotions or thoughts come up, you will be guided to breathe into the feeling to help it move through you. 

At the end of the hour, you will have a version of Shavasana, where you will begin to breathe naturally. With your eyes still closed you will have a chance to integrate your deep experience into this realm of existence. This will last about 5 minutes. Then you’ll slowly sit up and communicate your experience

Breathwork is a wonderful way to teach the body to trust again. To feel peace and innocence again. Trauma is lodged in our body-consciousness, and expresses itself  physically as contraction. Breathwork gently soothes the body, and with patience, teaches it how to let go of the past and enter a new version of life – one with peace and gentleness and joy.

I have seen a huge assistance in my Breathwork client’s improvements when they use Conscious Breathwork along with traditional Therapy. In fact therapists over the years have sent their patients to me, either before or after their Therapy sessions. Breathwork helps people open at a very deep level, sometimes saving months of traditional therapy. Breathwork is especially helpful at making the patient feel safe – safe in their body, safe with their pain, safe with their wounds, safe to let their wounds go.

There are many ways our body holds onto thoughts and beliefs. When they are released during a Breathwork session, they can express themselves in many different ways, like shaking, contraction (tetany), crying and even laughing. It’s good to let our body express itself, but usually I guide people back to the breathing where the real power is.

I like to see new clients weekly or bi weekly for 12 sessions. During that time they will experience a full hour Conscious Breathwork session, as well as delving into the subconscious where many of the emotional blocks are. Each session builds on the previous one, and your body will gradually begin to allow openness and bliss to be normal – you’ll give your body evidence that there IS A BETTER WAY to experience life!

Breathwork is energy medicine, there’s no denying that! There are many versions of Breathwork, like Kundalini Breathwork, Holotropic Breathwork, Soma Breathwork, Clarity Breathwork, Shamanic Breathwork. These other versions focus mainly on the breathing only, and what is expressed from the body-mind during the sessions. 

Rebirthing Breathwork is the WHOLE PACKAGE. It’s the version that specializes in the Mind, Body and Spirit as a whole. Each 2 hour session helps to heal the subconscious mental programs, what the body has been holding subconsciously and physically, and then guiding towards an empowered life with positivity tools.

The type of Breathwork you will experience with Juliana Ericson is safe for most people, including pregnant women (with doctor’s approval). People with conditions like COPD or asthma, Cardiovascular disease (angina, previous heart attacks, or strokes) Detached retina, Glaucoma, are under Psychiactric care and/or on Psychotic drugs are better served with another type of work. Of the more than a thousand people who have breathed in her presence, never has anyone had an event. She will guide people to different versions of the conscious connect breath according to their physical and emotional state, assuring that they will experience an optimal Breathwork session.


“I know altered states of consciousness to be extreme bliss from Conscious Connected Breathing (aka Rebirthing Breathwork).

By breathing in a particular way for a full hour, you’re basically inhaling large amounts of Life force/Prana. This huge amount of energy flushes out anything in its way, including limiting thoughts, self-judgement, fear, anxiety, doubt and anger. What’s left is pure bliss – pure peace and joy!

It’s amazing! And the more you do this process, the more you’ll teach your body that this is the way we’re supposed to feel all the time.

Your body will begin relax in the presence of stress and strife, trusting the flow of life through you as you’ve learned to breathe through stress instead of contracting as you did before” – Juliana Ericson



This powerful program is uniquely designed for each person at their particular stage in life with their particular goal or focus. Healing takes time and attention. Juliana’s personal coaching will take you step-by-step through your healing journey and into the empowered version of you! 

The goal of this “Live in Joy Breakthrough Program” is for you to feel more peace, more joy more clarity about life. Accountability is the key to success!

Sessions are $185 each=$2,220 for 6 months OR $1,997 with the prepayment option w/bonuses (details below)

In these 12 in-person or Zoom sessions, some of the subjects we will be delving into are:

  1. Relationships – what has worked, what didn’t, why, how to change & improve
  2. Family dynamics. Generational trauma – how they effect your life
  3. Mother’s effects on your life
  4. Father’s effects on your life
  5. How to live joyfully, processes & tools
  6. Water Breathwork (intimacy issues)optional
  7. Improving Self esteem and confidence
  8. How to create and follow your dreams
  9. Your core negative programming and ways to change them
  10. How to create a life of ease and fulfillment
  11. How to use forgiveness for freedom
  12. How to use Breathwork as a tool for emotional challenges, such as deep sadness, grief, stress or apathy.
  13. How to use Breathwork benefits for more energy, better sleep, body pains and other physical challenges


Included: Weekly accountability “homework” as accelerators to what’s being covered in the session that week.


PREPAYMENT BONUS includes FREE 13th session.

PREPAYMENT BONUS includes Four 15-minute “Crisis Calls” to Juliana. Use these when you need an answer between your sessions. Value: $150

PREPAYMENT BONUS includes: Six Subliminal recordings using your name made by Juliana with the affirmations covering the work you do with her that week. A very powerful method of reprogramming. Value: $150

PREPAYMENT BONUS includes 15% discount on workshops within 6 months of this program (excluding Breathworker Training & Allowing Joy Training) Value: $64

PREPAYMENT SAVINGS: $772 with this prepayment option, and with the bonuses!!!

This program is for people living here in Nashville, or anywhere in the world on Zoom! 


A simple way to calm anxiety fairly quickly is to consciously breathe. That means, control your in and out breaths. There are many methods of doing this; I will share with you the one I use most often. Dr. Andrew Weil, internationally acclaimed mind/body physician, says to breathe slower, longer, deeper. He also says that he believes that at least 50% of all major illnesses is due to people not breathing optimally!


These sessions for are ongoing Breathwork therapy support.
5-sessions Breathwork package
  • 5 2-hour private sessions with Juliana, one hour of Positivity Life Coaching and one hour of Breathwork.
  • Learn to cultivate greater emotional resilience, reduce your stress, access the capacity to break through areas of chronic “stuckness.”
  • Suggested to space sessions 2 weeks apart. (see “Live in Joy Breakthrough Program” for ideas of what to cover in this package)
  • BONUS: One 15-minute “crisis call” to be used between scheduled sessions. (Value $30)
  • Weekly accountability “homework”, with personal coaching by Juliana in Nashville or Zoom.


These makes great gifts for others or trial sessions for yourself.
Forgive and Move On Package
This package includes 3 2-hour private sessions with Juliana. One hour of Positivity LifeCoaching and one hour of Breathwork in each sessions. This package also includes Juliana’s Forgiveness book and a roller bottle of doTERRA’s “Forgive” essential oil. This package is available in Nashville for private sessions or on zoom.
Stress Relief Gift Mini Basket
One 1-Hour Conscious Breathwork session, in person in Nashville or on Zoom. Plus a roller bottle of doTERRA Lavender essential oil.
Breathing to Fall Asleep Package
This 2-hour session will focus on how to release the stresses that cause the mind to over-stimulate at bedtime, and teach 2 breathing practices to help alleviate the problem and a one-hour Conscious Breathwork session. Also, a one-week checklist with follow-up text accountability after the session. Also includes a doTERRA Serenity Restful blend roller and capsules.
Breathwork Session
Breathwork is a dynamic body-mind practice using conscious connected breathing techniques for inner peace, enhanced health, wellbeing and personal transformation. This gift card is for a one hour Conscious Breathwork session in person or on Zoom.
Family, Friends or Corporate Group Breathwork
Breathing together in a Group Breathwork is a fabulous way to bond and break through barriers! Breathwork releases stress and anger, increases joy and peace. All great qualities for good communication between friends and family. Minimum of 6, maximum of 10. $400 for Juliana to lead the session for 1 1/2 hours at your location within 30 minutes of Nashville. You prepare the space in advance, with her instructions.
Session For Couple
A 2-hour private session for 2 people present for one hour of Juliana’s Positivity Life-coaching and one hour of Breathwork together. This session can be done in person in Nashville, or on Zoom.


Please download, fill these 2 forms out and send me a copy before your first session.
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For you to know

Juliana offers spiritual support as it relates to life issues. She is a rich resource for spiritual growth. She shares the practical tools and resources she uses herself to offer a skill set that enriches lives. She does not represent herself to be a licensed professional counselor, psychiatrist, psychologist or a member of what could be considered any of the standard licensed medical or clinical helping professions. If you feel you have a circumstance that is serious enough to see professional counseling, legal advice or psychiatric medical intervention, please consult with a fully credentialed and licensed care provider.


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