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Call Breathworker Life Coach 

Call Breathworker Life Coach 

"Allowing REAL Intimacy" Workshop, July 20-21, 2024

Water Breathwork

In Nashville, TN


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Life Coaching

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I’m in Nashville and help women who are burned out…

anxious and overwhelmed to find their true soul essence and inner fire, so they can live lives overflowing with ease, purpose and pleasure.
Where are you stuck?
Relationships? Career? Passion? Personal growth? Your future?
Are you living your dreams?
Does life light you up? Are you excited about each new day?
But wait! You’re SURE you’re here for something more, if you could just figure what and how!

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Workshops & Events

Get inspired, motivated.
We have some awesome events for you, here in Nashville & Zoom.
Do you have a purpose that is yearning to be expressed?
Become a Breathworker Life Coach. Begins January, 2025.

Experienced and Qualified

Juliana is a Professional Member of the prestigious International Breathwork Foundation.
She has also received her Art Therapy Practitioner Certification, which is accredited by the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) and CMA (The Complementary Medical Association).


Based on 15 reviews
Tracy Scrima
Tracy Scrima
Juliana is a bright light. She’s a teacher, a giver , emotionally intelligent and just a beautiful being spreading sunshine. Moreover, she leads you to believe what is true, peeling the layers and guiding you to truth .
Heather Puig
Heather Puig
Juliana is such a wonderful, kind, compassionate, and patient healer/coach. She has helped me immensely with anxiety and forgiveness this year. The Joyful Life Project and the many soulful & purposeful offerings will empower you to truly love a joyful life. I highly reclined and will continue to use Juliana as my breath work coach. She will also give you the tools and confidence to take what you learn and apply it to everyday life. Thank you so much to The Joyful Life Project and to Juliana! 10/10 recommend if you want to elevate your mind & life.
Adele Simons
Adele Simons
Juliana, Rebirth Breathing and forgiveness are the most impactful of any therapeutic process I have encountered after searching for years. Juliana has given me tools to incorporate into my life that transform my days making me a much happier person. I am deeply grateful.
Rea Hix
Rea Hix
I just completed the Live in Joy 6 month program virtually with Juliana. I have grown so much with dealing with my emotions since I've begun! I'm a worrier and love to be in control. By using breathwork and coaching I have learned how to deal with all those emotions in a positive joyful way. I highly encourage this program.
Melissa Cannon
Melissa Cannon
If you are looking to change your life and don't know where to start, breathwork could be for you. I have tried various methods to change my thoughts and feelings but I didn't find anything that stuck. After only two sessions with Juliana I knew I never wanted to go back to the way I was living before. Juliana is an amazing coach and she exudes everything she teaches. I am so thankful for Juliana and her 6 month program, the program also gives me the structure I was missing in other teachings. I did not have any knowledge of real breathwork before going and I'm so glad I trusted myself to go, if you are looking for a sign to improve your life, HERE IT IS!
LJ Music Official
LJ Music Official
Julianna swooped into my life like an angel. I started breath work therapy with her back in September. My life has changed for the better mentally, spiritually and physically. I have more stamina when I’m singing. I have practiced the art of forgiveness with her and it is changing my life and has allowed me to feel more free than ever. Julianna is a treasure from heaven.
Jon Loyd
Jon Loyd
if it’s transformation you seek, you’ve found the right place. The Joyful Life project is restorative work that is sure to have an everlasting impact on your life. It certainly did on mine.
elizabeth duensing
elizabeth duensing
‘Knowing that we Can be loved exactly as we are gives us all the best opportunity for growing into the healthiest of people’ -Fred Rogers I hadn’t known even a small taste of this truth. Juliana offered a lagniappe of wisdom, acceptance, warmth, patience, support, encouragement, unconditional love and healing. Juliana led me to take a journey to recognize the immense depth of my pain and trauma. And my immense worth and value. And the immense possibilities of life. This incredible journey showed a depressed, hopeless, hidden, ugly, suicidal, false me how to become the interesting, independent, confident, strong, powerful, happy, compassionate, forgiving,understanding, loving, accepting, genuine, beautiful woman I am today. Nothing but love and gratitude for Juliana’s kindred, ethereal soul
Faenor Firemind
Faenor Firemind
Juliana is a student of joy, not simple happiness. Her work takes you deep into the currents of yourself, but gently, helping people to unknot their hearts and minds, to open up to the pleasure of their own presence, and find the flow of their joy. Her work helped me see past my own past, see how I was creating my present. and how to begin to use deep joy as a compass to navigate my life. Even if you only have one session with her in your is worth it.
Juliana is a long time Rebirthing Breathworker and is one of the best practioners and teachers of this work that I know. Her knowledge, compassion, intuitiveness and joyful spirt bring an upliftment to her work that is passed on to her clients and students.

Maureen Malone
Trainer, The Philadelphia and N.Y. Rebirthing Center


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