Health is not simply the lack of wellness, being free from injury or illness

Welbeing is more than what the dictionary says: maintenance of physical, mental, and emotional stability and balance.

Wellbeing includes physical security, as well as non-physical things like satisfaction, feeling of belonging, happiness, and a sense of meaning. Wellbeing is pure energy medicine!

Wellbeing encompasses the body, mind and spirit. It’s a Somatic Experience. 

Our breath is what connects all three AND connects us to our non-physical Divine essence.

The word “spirit” literally means “breath”.

The vitality and energy we all want, is from this alignment!

Somatic alignment is the essence of the creative energy within us, the origin of our inner fire. This alignment aligns us to our Source, which is the source of all physical and non-physical energy, our energy medicine.

My favorite tool for Wellbeing is Conscious Breathwork. It incorporates being totally present AND aligns the body, mind and spirit. It takes over and does the “work”.

All we have to do is B – R – E – A – T – H – E.

Yes, the hour-long Conscious Connected Breathwork I do with my clients is the powerhouse energy medicine I’m referring to here.

But even when you are consciously present and consciously breathing, you will greatly increase your inner fire. You will greatly increase your conscious connection to Source and to joy. You will greatly, GREATLY increase your joy and bliss and energy. This wellbeing energy medicine is free and available to anyone willing to feel awesome!

Take time to enjoy being full present, even for a short time. 5 minutes of focused attention is more satisfying than a half hour of multi tasking.

The average person spends 47% of their day not paying attention to what they’re doing. In other words, not present. Not connecting. Reduced energy.

Love yourself enough to get the best out of your life. Allow this energy medicine in. Allow yourself to feel great, and your wellbeing to fly sky high!

Breathe. In slowly through the nose into your belly, out slowly through the mouth. Begin with one minute. Work up to five minutes a day. it feels good to feel good. Love yourself!

Sending you joyful blessings,


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