A flower made me cry today.

Actually there were several, next to each other. And a buzzing bee.

My heart broke open and tears came after I was overtaken by their simplicity and their beauty. Their bright yellow, how they were facing confidently toward the sunlight, the source of their energy.

They were swaying gently, responding to the breeze around them. Being in the oneness of nature.

I thought “they don’t look at another and say ‘I want to be where you are. I’m going to take your spot’ “ Or they don’t look at a purple hyacinth and say “I’m not as pretty as you, I wish I were you “

No anger or revenge when someone comes by and cuts them. Acceptance, without despair or judgment.

Just still. They’re just there, being still and beautiful.

I originally learned patience from perennials, the flowers that continue to multiply but take longer to grow than annuals. I wanted to rush their growth. But no matter what I did, extra water and more fertilizer, they would only grow at the natural pace of nature.

Now I’m getting another lesson today from these daffodils.

Just be in this precious moment.

Not judging it, or anything.

Just be.

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” –  Matthew 6:27



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