How does this earth experience work?

Have you ever dieted to lose weight and take off those extra few pounds? 

So you create an eating plan, exercise a few times a week. Then you’ll expect to lose the 5 pounds after a month. 

You’d never expect to merely visualize and lose those pounds the next day, right? You know to focus on it, follow with proper action, and the weight will come off in the future.

It’s the same way with everything. 

We’re a result of what we’ve thought and done in the past.

We create our future from what our thoughts and actions in the present. 

It seems so obvious, but most people get frustrated when their lives don’t change immediately after upgrading their perspective about something.

For example, once people begin thinking more positively, and realize they’ve been creating their negative life with negative thoughts, they should see suddenly see the positive version of their life. 

But that’s not how this earth experience works. 

Physical manifestation of our thoughts and beliefs takes time to materialize. It’s our job to hang in there, believing in ourselves and in this new way of thinking long enough to where it becomes our reality. 

There’s an old Hasidic prayer that I like to recite when I get impatient with manifestation taking too much time. It is God help me until you help me .

Sending you blessings of joy and peace for the new year. Juliana

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