Joy and peace on a regular basis? How?!

The answer for me is to listen to what my Inner Being is saying, which speaks to us through our emotions. So it’s important to listen to what we’re feeling, and know what those emotions mean. 

You may think that to increase joy and peace is to increase the positive thoughts.

Nope! The work is actually to decrease resistance to the good feeling thoughts. They’re always possible. Lean toward the good feeling and appreciation.

“But negative thoughts are so loud!”

Our negative thoughts have been part of us for years, so they’e dominant in our minds. They have multiplied, gathering evidence that those anger and fear thoughts are real. So we need to consistently redirect them, diffuse them, or calm them. That’s the work.

Practice ways to feel better. It’s about the repetitive practice.

Accept yourself where you are right now and start there. Then learn ways to distract and separate yourself from thoughts that bring you down.

Find ways to feel less resistance.

Allow more allowance, grace.

Every little relief helps.

When you’ve made a conscious decision that your vibration is to rise, you’ll create better manifestations. Acknowledge that! You’ll be training your mind to allow a more joyful and peaceful version of you to emerge more often.

I am clear that I was born with the intention of aligning with Source, where all true power is, so I could act as a catalyst to help people join their own connection to Source Energy.  

I demonstrate the ability to connect with my Inner Being by choosing better feeling thoughts day by day, hour by hour. I find great joy in sharing what I know with others. Are you ready for a 10-session package with me?

Sending you joyful blessings,

🌺 Juliana

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