When I was young I was an innovator, progressive in my thinking. With our inner fire and grand ideas, my friends and I wanted to improve the country and make the world a better place. Over time our fires became more like a flicker, as we became comfortable with life as it was. We began accepting injustices and our failed dreams continued to pile up. We let go and just let things happen. We blamed others for the damage we saw, while inwardly feeling guilty because of our inaction.

Things gradually got worse. Seems like we all kept settling, until one day we looked up from our easy chairs and saw in a flash that we were completely lost from what we once felt was important. We had replaced brotherhood and sharing with mediocrity, ease and over consumption. We were dearly paying for this shallow and gluttonous life with our failed relationships, a sickened earth, our un-lived lives and hungry souls.

Then “it” happened – as though some Great Wisdom decided that if we weren’t going to get back on track, then Something Else would help us! A shaking us awake. I don’t know about you, but amidst the sadness and despair around us, I feel the dawn of something new and wonderful rumbling beneath the chaos. A long-lost flicker of hope growing into a flame of possibilities. I don’t know where it’s leading, but can FEEL it!

Growth is often uncomfortable and scary. Breaking THROUGH to the greater version is the way TO the greater version of our country and our world’s experience. As everything is connected, the mechanics of breaking through is us breaking through our own inner walls and limitations. Break through our walls of pessimism and surrender to something unknown and wonderful. Creation is what we are, let it lead us.

The possibilities for our better world begins with us. As we are kinder to ourselves for our own mistakes, we can offer kindness to others. As we are more patient with our limitations, we understand its power and can offer patience to others. As we are accepting of our own failings, misdeeds and broken promises, we’re able to acknowledge our innate innocence and offer that freedom to others. As we begin cleaning up our inner selves, we begin glowing with a light that attracts other like-minded ones. These collective lights become the flame I dreamed of in my youth. And this flame that’s begun burning is strong.

Shine on!

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