Contentment and joy are very high vibrations. They are healing balm to a weary world. Most people have no idea what contentment and joy feel like, because they are caught in the grind of fear, anxiety and overwhelm. 

Something really powerful that I’ve learned in 25 years of studying A Course in Miracles is that five minutes of meditation can heal 10,000 years in time as we know it. 


In other words, our contentment and peace makes THAT much of a difference with THAT many people covering THAT much time! 

So your peace does matter. 

Your joy and contentment do matter. 

In fact the whole world is affected by it, because you are part of, and connected to, the entire world. 

It’s kind of like when you stub your toe. Your whole body hurts and it’s hard to think about anything else because the pain is throbbing. You can feel every cell in your body reacting to the pain. But then, even just holding your toe with your hand, soothes it a little. Your focus and attention on alleviating the pain helps. You notice how your toe, and your whole body, calm down.

So in this toe example the whole body was affected by the pain of a small area. And when love was given, it’s soothed the whole. When the toe was hurting, the body hurt. When the toe felt better, the whole body felt better. 

Loving ourselves, the soothing of our own pain, affects the whole of humanity in this way. 

It’s important to be kind to ourselves.

Do more that pleases you. Allow more peace into your life. Let your life be easier. 

Sending you joyful love today,


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