People often think that because I wrote a book on Forgiveness and am a Forgiveness coach, that I never get angry with anyone, that I never have judgmental or resentful thoughts. That it’s easy for me to let go.

Well, if you’re one of those people, let me set this straight:

I DO get angry with people.
I DO have judgmental thoughts.
I DO feel resentments.

Sometimes my ego even gets caught up in that Drama loop. You know the one where “It’s all their fault, not mine. And just look at what’s happened!!”. (aka pity party and victimizing)

But because I have to live with me (and it’s terrible to live with someone who’s angry, bitter and resentful) I use tools to get me out of my darkness. I have to – otherwise, I couldn’t live with myself! But because I DO have to live with myself, and I’m the only one who can change, I HAVE to do something – fast!

This is where my Forgiveness training comes in. These forgiveness tools work when you use them.

Sometimes, the tools are quick and simple, taking just a minute or two. Sometimes, they take longer.

But when I feel angry, bitter or helpless, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to free me. I want to let go of those dramas I subconsciously carry from my past!

Can you identif

Want to learn some of these freedom techniques? Join us for a one-day Zoom Forgiveness workshop “A Day to Forgive”, November 13th.

This experiential workshop is happening just before the big holiday season for a reason. Not everyone associates this time of the year with peace and joy. Some people had unhappy family times when they were young, or even now.

This holiday time brings up anger and resentment for many. I want to offer another option. There IS A WAY to claim your freedom and experience the holiday season in whatever way you feel, not based on prior circumstances and relationships.

Are you ready to finally let go of the past hurts? I want to help you. This program is about exploring your thoughts, your feelings, and where you hold anger in your body – to discover your full potential. It has worked for many, many people and I think it could also work for you.

Sending you my deep love and blessings,

🌺 Juliana

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