I attended the van Gogh Immersion yesterday in Nashville. It was wonderful, I’ve been to Arles, France and other places where he painted and lived, and recognized the beauty of the Provencal countryside. Wonderful memories!

Near the end of the program, a song that moves me was played on the fabulous speakers in the cavernous room. The song was “No Regrets “ by Edith Piaf.

I was introduced to this song by my French boyfriend, Jacques, about 25 years ago. As he played it he teared up. Partly because Piaf represented passion of the French people. The other was the passion of the words of the song.

Yesterday as my heart opened and I teared up, the words, “I will have no regrets. The past is gone “ reminded me how some of the regrets I had in the past were instigated by my own passion. 

I tend to be passionate, and sometimes it has gotten me off course, or even in trouble. Some of my regrets were out of not knowing. Some from a selfishness at the time. 

But I do know that regrets are heavy and caused me to feel guilty, and even lose sleep at times. The forgiveness work I promote has been the greatest help in cleansing my mind and heart of the burden of regret I carried before. 

I encourage you to muster up some courage and start blasting open those doors covering up the regrets you may be carrying. They are toxic to a joyful life. They hold us prisoner. And it sure feels better to be free!

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