Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana, or vital life force. They include powerful natural relaxation techniques.Conscious Breathwork has been used for thousands of years  to cultivate physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It’s a natural and somatic way of helping our body/mind heal. It aligns the body, mind and spirit, giving a greater sense of ease and pleasure. Once we’ve experienced a more relaxed version of life, we’re more willing to see what else we’re capable of! 

Relation techniques: If you want to experience deeper states of calm and well-being, the key is to develop good breathing habits. Using a gifted life coach, like Juliana Ericson in Nashville, you will understand the power of your own breath.


Breathwork is a dynamic body-mind practice using conscious connected breathing for inner peace, enhanced health, wellbeing and personal transformation. Conscious Breathwork provides a doorway to exploration of high levels of consciousness in a safe atmosphere.

There’s a magic that happens when we breathe into our heart center. You can feel deep connection, safety and spaciousness. In this place, the heart opens. Emotions flow. And the support of a loving guide like Juliana Ericson creates a cocoon of permission to share in new ways, to be heard and heal. 

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