You know that feeling when you’re trying to make a decision and you can’t decide yes or no?? 🤨 That in-between and stuck feeling of indecision? Ugh⁉️

😳 That’s SPLIT ENERGY: wanting something while doubting it.

To WANT something, and NOT HAVE IT, feels awful.

Wanting something and not believing you can have it. 🙁

Wanting something and not feel worthy of having it, feels awful. 

Wanting something and resent others for having it, feels icky. 

To want something and feel not good enough to have it, 

feels disappointing and empty.

This is all split energy. On one hand, your desiring energy is saying YES to the universe. On the other hand your doubting energy is saying NO to the universe. 

🛑 STUCK! ✋ 

🔮But isn’t Clarity is what you’re looking for?

I’m sure you’ve heard this before: The universe is responding to the energy you’re offering

If you’re offering stuck, indecisive energy, then your life will stay stuck.

So your job is to reduce the amount of energy you’re giving to your doubting, so possibilities can more easily flow to you.

Remember: fear and excitement are the same vibrational energy.

If you’ll let go a little bit of the fear and unworthyness, you’ll give more momentum toward your desire. Add a sprinkle of CURIOSITY, and be more kind and loving to yourself. And TA-DAH!!

Keep on doing these things. It will become easier until you’ll notice only little resistance to your desires and you’ll be creating more of what you want.

You’ll learn to embrace fear as excitement. 🥳 And that’s when life becomes a fun ride!

Try it and see what you notice. Let yourself win this year. Open yourself to receiving the good stuff. 🎶 It’s your turn. It’s your time.

💝 Blessings for an exciting year of unlimited possibilities, Juliana

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