We were all created to be Master Alchemists! We all know how to turn @?&# into gold (aka Divine Blessings, Peace, Joy, Love)

In any moment we can turn furious hate and anger into the most beautiful love the world has ever seen.

We know how to turn the crappiest of experiences into something beautiful.

In the blink of an eye we can make a monstrous angry person (us at times) become a docile little puppy.

We can draw upon the magic of curiosity and awe to turn a dismal, boring morning into a magical spectacle of delight.

We have the raw materials, the tools, the wisdom to make our lives into anything we want.

🔮 So then why don’t we use our magical powers more often and make our lives the happier, fuller, easier version we say we want?

Because we have to change to have those things. And many people are actually afraid of change.

Is that you? But change is actually safe.

Change is creation, of which we are a part. When we hold back the creative expansion (change) we can get irritable, angry, even depressed or sick.

I am here to tell you that change takes effort. It takes focus. It takes faith that the change you make in this moment has happened on an energetic level, and may take a little time to materialize.

Have faith that it’s on its way.

This faith I’m talking about works REALY WELL with support, with community. The Awakening to JOY! Life Mastery Program is all about helping you change into something even more wonderful than you thought you could be. It’s all the community and support you will need!

Words that remind me of this Life Mastery Program: Love, creativity, community, sacred, heal, renew, excitement, support, emotional alchemy.

🎶 Let yourself be surprised at what you’ve kept locked inside you! Join us.

Blessings of courage as you find your way to change into………….


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