When I see polls asking what people want more of in their life, energy is usually at or near the top of the list.

Energy is a big subject. But these are some of the qualities I feel those people are craving and longing for:

  •  more joy
  •  brighter life-force
  •  more passion
  •  stronger will to do what they know will please them, like accomplishment & dreams
  •  positive expectations

They want their lives to vibrate with ALIVENESS!! To wake up in the morning eager for the day, excited about new possibilities.

They want to be sure their LIFE-FORCE is so strong, that even when something happens that’s considered unfortunate or “bad”, they won’t be down for long. They KNOW what to do to get back into the flow of their life.

Of course Energy is grounded in self-care with nourishing food, movement, sleep and positive mindset.

None of what constitutes a life of energy, joy, passion, bright life-force has anything to do with getting MORE of anything.

In fact it’s the opposite! It’s all about LETTING GO! Letting go of what’s keeping them from being what they already are, and dropping their emotional baggage!

Magically much of the good life will appear when they simply drop the poisons they’ve been carrying for a lifetime, like a bag of rocks. You know what the “rocks” are – things like victim-thinking, self judgement, guilt, blame.

POISONS!! They will kill any bright spirit trying to emerge.

So how about you? Are you carrying any rocks? How is your life force? Bored? Are you excited about your future, or is it a dreary fog of same-ol-same-ol?

Want some help unburdening those rocks of yours? We have a transformational Life Mastery Program beginning this January called ☀️ “Awakening to JOY Life Mastery Program!

The purpose of this program is to teach HOW to find your hidden poisons, then teach and practice new ways of thinking and being. This is all done in the supportive environment of a loving group of seekers. We will grow together.

Begins January 27, 2023. Limited to 15 live & zoom.

I’d love for you to be with us in the program!

Sending you blessings of joy and possibilities,

❤️ Juliana

P.S. Let’s discuss about you joining us. 615-212-5511

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