Yes Stress is everywhere. 

We find it on a vacation. 

It’s in a family gathering. 

It’s at work.

It’s in our relationships.

It’s with friends.

It’s in the world, our city, our neighborhood.

It’s even inside our heads when we’re alone. 

Stress is natural part of life.

Small amount or a large amount, it will always be here. 

Change can create stress, too. Many people respond to the fast moving changes going on in our world with high stress responses.

Our body, mind and emotions will naturally respond to expected and unexpected happenings. But when the responses go unchecked, and we just unconsciously respond without managing it, our overreactions can harm our mental, physical and emotional bodies. 

The nervous system needs to be soothed, supported and guided. 

I talk a lot about joy, peace, acceptance and gratitude. These are not just flowery words to sprinkle over pain and suffering. They actually produce chemicals in our body that soothe our nervous system and help balance out fear and overreaction to stress.

Resilience is the key.

Learning resilience tools is super important, even life-saving!

We teach our body about resilience when we practice calling on positive emotions, like gratitude, joy, curiosity, and hope. They can offer protection, teaching the body/mind a stronger and safer response to stress. 

With practice and teaching your body to feel safe with resilience practices, you can learn to see stressors and change as opportunities to grow, learn, and thrive. And that’s a good thing! 🎶😍

Blessed be!



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