You, me, all of us create our life based on our deeply held assumptions.

Are you creating with positive or negative assumptions?

In Rebirthing Breathwork, we call the biggest negative ones Personal Lies. They are core negative beliefs. We see ourselves and our experience of life through the lens of these Personal Lies. We prove them to be true because we feel they are our safety.

We learn our Personal Lies very early in our lives: at birth and in the womb.

They are preverbal, meaning that they are initially in the form of energetic templates mostly passed to us by the neurochemicals of our mother. We’re also effected by our father, culture, society and those close to us in our early stages. 

It’s fascinating to see what can happen when we do transformative healing work like Rebirthing Breathwork. We can get to this core negative belief and begin dislodging and rewriting it.

In my case, early in my journey I knew I didn’t want to dislodge or change it. My Personal Lie made me feel safe and in control. I wasn’t about to release it!

My core negative belief was created at the time of my birth. It was that support wasn’t safe. I created my preverbal decision about support not being safe at my birth when nurses crossed my mother’s legs as I was coming out, because the doctor hadn’t yet arrived.

!!!!!!!! I thought I was dying! So even though the nurses meant to help me, I felt helpless and stuck and terrified!

For years I would not accept help or support. I would sometimes wear myself out because I would do more than I needed to in a project. Or when I would ask for help, invariably the help would be “insufficient” or “not as good as I could do it myself”.

We will always act out and prove our Personal Lie to be true, which I did.

A final time of me being disappointed with a support person, I realized that I was projecting my fear of support on her. I subconsciously chose someone who wasn’t capable to do what I needed done to, again, prove my Personal Life. My ego needed to feel safe.

So that was the end of that chapter! I saw what I was doing and decided to change that very day. I regularly completed the transformative tools that I share with my clients, and began attracting fabulous support people. I mean FABULOUS! People even began offering me help! It was a miraculous turnaround for me after 50 years!

I’m sharing this to let you know that we all have a secret key inside us to more peace and joy than we’ve ever known. ALL of us!

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