Are you growing or stuck?

We are in charge of our ability to change who we are, what we know, and how we live our lives. Our personal qualities and abilities are not static; they are always open to change.

Unfortunately, many of us feel like we can’t move forward, like we’re stuck!

We unconsciously repeat generational patterns that can hold us back. We continue to do things we say we don’t want. But, if we don’t want the negative outcomes, why do we keep repeating the negative patterns causing them??

For example, a woman may say she keeps attracting relationships with friends and lovers where she has to do all the work, she has to make things happen and instigate movement. Relationships wear her out; she wants to be nurtured too!

Another woman continues to struggle with finances. No matter how good her job is, things keep coming up that drain her savings, AND her faith in life being any easier! Her life feels a struggle.

You may know of a couple that fights a lot, even around the kids, which is making them anxious. The couple seems to be fine with all the anger. It feels normal to them……

But why???

Asking a few questions of the woman unhappy in relationships, you’ll find that her mother was just the same, and so was her grandmother. They were also burdened and unfulfilled with relationships.

The woman struggling with finances learned from her family that there would never be enough money.

The couple fighting watched their parents fight, and learned that fighting was a family thing.

How can we get off the generational pattern treadmill???


All healing begins with recognition. So first you have to SEE your pattern.

Secondly, you’ll have to see how you’ve lived out that pattern, and the ways it’s led you “into the weeds”, so to speak.

Thirdly, choose another way. You can choose better for yourself without abandoning your family. THERE IS A WAY!

All of our relationship patterns began at our beginning: in the womb. Our first relationship was inside our mother. There is a powerful method of delving into that deep subconscious that is gentle & nurturing. It’s Water Rebirthing.

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