I have found myself thinking dumb things like “I wish I hadn’t done that!” or “I wish I had gotten up at 6am instead of 8am”.  When really thinking about those words, they’re ridiculous!

I mean, why wish for something to happen when something else has ALREADY happened?! It’s actually a degrading statement – one that sets me up for powerlessness and even shame.

Who in my head is thinking those absurd thoughts?!! Is it me?

This morning I was thinking about my parents. My mom was sweet and fun-loving. My dad was kind. Then with irritation I thought “I wish he’d been more attentive to us kids and home more”.

See what I mean?! Why wish that, when those years have already happened! That past relationship IS WHAT IT IS!

You may be thinking to yourself, “Well Juliana. Those are just words we say to ourselves. They don’t mean anything.”

YES THEY DO mean something! Our body hears those words.

Words are our affirmations!

Our body consciousness is constantly listening to the words and thoughts we say and think.

When we think negative or impossible thoughts about ourselves, our body hears them.

When we think them over and over again without reprogramming them (in the moment, is best) our body consciousness believes them to be true. And then will seek out circumstances to prove them true.

So back to my original “I wish I hadn’t” statement. As I hear stupid phrases my ego says in my head like that, I am grateful that I now can hear them! Because I spent years with no filter at all and believed all of those negative phrases!

I try to remember to call my ego out. As the wonderful master of Self-Inquiry, Byron Katie, suggests, begin by asking your ego “Is that true?”. She has created 4 questions and processes you can go through to help the reprogramming. I think they are helpful.

Here is a link to some free Byron Katie’s worksheets to help you unravel your overbearing ego-talk. Click here for free downloadable worksheets

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