Upgrade all of your relationships

Is intimacy fulfilling to you, or are you living someone else’s version of life, waiting to live your own?

Do you keep bumping into the same old relationship walls, feeling angry, unfulfilled, frustrated?

Or worse, apathetic?

Love notes from the Universe have been sent to me so many times in my life and many of them I’ve missed. How many whispers from your soul nudging you towards your deepest calling have you missed? 

I’m here to support you while you explore Breathwork as a path of awakening.

I would be honored to support you while you breathe, while you search through your inner demons and closed doors; while you feel all that arises and allow life to flow through you. And then out.

In this upcoming Water Breathwork weekend, Allowing Intimacy, you’ll learn new tools that can heal your fear of freeing and authentic relationships. New ways of looking at your old ways of thinking: reprogramming your mind.

Water Breathwork can help you move through subconscious blocks that may have seemed impossible before. It can bring up womb and birth memories for healing, which is where many of our mental traps began.

Our gathering will support you in doing the inner work needed to open your heart, feel all your feelings and access unconditional self-love so you have something even more authentic to share with the world.

And here’s an ask. Will you forward this email to a friend who you think would also love to join us, who may need some connection or nurturing in their lives? Let’s grow this tribe of love together!

Only 4 spots left in the Water Weekend!

Attend by yourself or with your partner.

Allowing Intimacy Water Breathwork weekend, August 6, 7, 8 is about mastering ALL Relationships, including with ourselves. More info here

Save some $$$! You’ll get a $45 discount before July 5th! If you’ve been feeling the call, jump onboard. We have an incredible group coming from around the U.S. and some amazing, professional assistants to support us all.

🌺 Love and blessings to you,

P.S. You’ve tried everything else, so what do you have to lose? Plus you’ll meet other spiritual seekers you may include in your new, enriched life!

Click here to view details about the weekend

Click here to contact me or to make your payment – Payment plans available

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