Early on in my life with Breathwork, I was diagnosed with asthma. (Yes, I had smoked for 20+ years.) And I was prescribed an inhaler to take daily. Bummer.

You see, my mother came from Sweden at six years old and couldn’t speak English. She felt apart from her school mates and was very shy. She always felt she didn’t belong. I, on the other hand was personable in school. I was involved in many school activities, Miss this, Miss that in high school, Honor Society, in the symphony, plays, etc. So she lived her life through me, so to speak.

Fast forward: A year after my father died, I fixed up my backyard guesthouse and Mom lived there. It was really hard on me because she was so needy, wanting constant companionship. I began to notice my breathing change.

I could feel that my body was often tense. Mom wanted to be in my house a lot of the time, and I was resistant to that. My breathing became more labored. She finally left to live with my sister, because she wanted more company than I was willing to give. 

A year or two after that I was diagnosed with asthma. My mother was calling me a few times every day, and it was just too much for me. I became short with her in conversations, irritated in my voice, which made her even more needy.

About a year later, I looked in Louise Hays’ book, You Can Heal Your Life, to see what it said about the emotional origin of asthma. It’s about suffocating love, usually from the mother. Yep! That’s where mine originated!

Sooooo…… I came up with a plan. The first part was to create some healthy boundaries that worked for me and were still loving to her. I limited phone calls to one a day and visits to twice a week. She didn’t like it at first, but she got used to it. 

The second part was the Forgiveness Process that I wrote my book about. I did the Forgiveness Process on her and I also did one on me. I noticed a change in my body and breathing, and got off the inhaler within a few months. This stuff really works! 

The third part was of course regular Breathwork, which strengthens the diaphragm and lungs. It’s still a regular part of my life. Probably always will be.

Our body is basically condensed thought. Thoughts are condensed beliefs. When I loosened up my beliefs my body relaxed, and so did my lungs. 

My relationship with my mother improved over her last years. I ended up having to do more Forgiveness processes on her, but it was worth my time. The last few years of her life were so much better! She wasn’t able to push any more buttons of mine because I had healed those buttons. I loved being in her presence joyfully and patiently. It was a sacred gift to both of us! 🌹

I haven’t used an inhaler, or needed one, for about 25 years.

I’m sharing this to let you know that we have more control over our lives and health than we think we do. It all begins with loving ourselves, knowing we are worth the time it takes to find the key to our healing.

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💝 Sending blessings of peace and renewal,


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