I’m sure you’ve heard “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. But I’m here to tell you that just isn’t true! I am living proof that we’re never too old to learn new things. And I’ll tell you why I believe life can get better and better with maturity! The key is excitement!

It’s generally accepted that Baby Boomers stop learning after high school and college. That learning and growing ends at about 25. We may pick up a self help book, take a class or two, but to change career direction and study something new and different isn’t normal for people of my generation. Many feel that they blew their chances earlier in life and lost out, or they’re not talented enough to follow their dreams and probably couldn’t make it anyway. Rubbish!

My father and grandfather both changed careers after 60, a surprising thing at the time. My grandfather had never picked up a paintbrush, and became an artist at 73. My father created his first album at 62 and bought a farm, complete with chickens, at that same age. 

I didn’t realize how much I had in common with them until I was about 50. I had been moving along with society’s directives: retire at 65, relax and enjoy myself until I’m finished with this life. Comfortable and safe. For some reason I hadn’t questioned that limited thinking. I didn’t take time to think about what other ways I could spend my next 40 or so years. Could I really learn something new, do something I’d always wanted? Does my mind still work well enough to learn new things or even go back to school? 

I got excited about the possibilities! I decided to follow my excitement instead of my fears.

Rebirthing Breathwork had transformed my life so powerfully, and it was such fun to share with people. I just hadn’t thought of making money with it! But I decided to give it a shot. 

Even though I loved what I did, and I felt called to help people in this unique and potent way, I didn’t know how to tell people what I was offering. I needed to learn. So I began by taking marketing classes and workshops, many in Los Angeles. 

I’m not gonna lie, the business of being a Positive Mindset and Breathwork Coach was hard at first! I am a Right-brained woman. Numbers and Left-brained stuff was hard to grasp. 

But I had a calling. My heart led and guided me. I knew people weren’t going to just come up and knock on my door asking for my help! 🚪I had to get the word out about my offers.

Earlier in my life I never thought I’d be doing anything other than relaxing and slowly age and age and age. Because of what I’ve learned and the confidence it helped me gain, I wrote and published a book, I produced a weekly podcast about living a joyful life, I’ve had a flourishing Life Coaching practice for 25 years, I’ve been the keynote speaker at several church services. I’ve given many corporate talks and I lead numerous seminars. In my art career I painted (and sold most) more than 700 paintings. 👩‍🎨 Above is one of my Plein air pieces I painted in 2 hours at a Franklin Street Festival. 😊

I think it’s amazing to think that at 50 years old I had no idea what to do with my life. Then I learned how to get out of my own way. Life’s been SO MUCH richer and more fun since!!

So now when I hear people say “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” I just smile to myself and think “that’s not MY dog, buddy!” 

Blessings of joy and possibilities, 



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