I was speaking to an intellectual client yesterday who told me that she used to feel that Joy was a type of luxury. Not something that everyone experienced or even needed to experience. She had believed there were more important things in life.

She thought the way I live life, with joie de vivre and joy, was for others but not for her.

Now that she’s worked with me and has taken my classes, she has broken through that block. I can recall the Breathwork session where she actually felt joy for the first time in 60 years. It was amazing to witness!

Joy is simple. It’s not complicated at all. It begins with allowing life to be as it is. The more we try to make life the way we think it should be, the more efforty life becomes.

Joy is a choice. Learn how to choose.

See what you can do to make each day, experience or project in your life a little sweeter. 

Like place a vase of fresh flowers on your desk while you’re working. 

Have a lit candle on your dinner table just for the heck of it. 

Put dance music on and dance like there’s no one’s around (thanks Maya Angelou)

Smile for no reason to people you pass on the street.

Instead of starting an argument, ask yourself “do I want to be right or happy?”

Spend time admiring the moon and stars in these beautiful night skies

Each one may possibly seem like it’s a waste of time. But collectively they mount up to a sprinkling of fairy dust all over your life. You’ll notice more of a flow. You’ll begin to look for ways to make make life smoother, and even difficult challenges easier to endure.

The more flow you feel, you’ll be in the river of joy. Because joy is all about trusting the flow of life. Life is supposed to flow, we create the unnecessary blocks. LET IT FLOW!

Want some help learning how to create more joy in your life? I do Zoom or garden Breathwork sessions. click here to email me. Or you can call me at 615-212-5511.

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