We are all holy with our mistakes.

We are all holy with our wounds.

We are holy with our judgments.

We are holy with our burdens.

Most people are really adept at finding the wrong in themselves and others, creating a weary life of sadness and suffering.

I’m sure you’re seen it – or maybe feel it yourself.

The trick is to focus on the holiness.

Focus on the beauty that’s always present in each and every one of us. Yes EVERY ONE.

When you focus on the beauty, aka holiness, imagine it as a beautiful little flame in your heart. The more you focus on the beauty/holiness, it grows and expands, becoming a burning bonfire of beauty in your heart center.

That bonfire of holiness will burn off all the other things we think are more important than holiness.

It will burn off what’s not worthy of Divine Beings.

We just need to learn to focus on what’s important and what’s real and what’s lasting and what feels good – ways to find your holiness when you feel lost.

Stop for a minute and be still. Breathe long, slow, steady breaths. Give some space to that little flame to grow and heal you.

Joy is a choice. Learn how to choose.

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Sending you my deep love and blessings,

🌺 Juliana

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