The Placebo Effect has always interested me.

Conventional science made fun of what they called “sugar pills”, although I was amazed at how many people were helped by the mind-body connection of positivity and hope. 

This effect showed how belief in a certain medicine had beneficial effects that couldn’t be attributed to the properties of the placebo itself.

Hope and belief alone were enough to improve their condition! Their hope and belief came from some sort of inspiration, like a book or a person.

This is where my work enters in.

“I came into this Breathwork training overwhelmed with grief.

I am leaving overwhelmed with hope.”  -Wendy Buck

We all have Spiritual Gifts, and my Spiritual Gift is Inspiration. In fact, the reason I adore what I do is because I’m doing what I was Divinely hard-wired to do in this life. Inspire!

I want to teach you how to triumph over your adversity.

I want to show you a version of you that is better through any pain in your past.

I want you to learn how to elevate your version of yourself.

I want you to learn your go-to-answer to any problem: LOVE YOURSELF TOTALLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY.

Love really IS the answer! When we begin accepting all of us with our wounds, mistakes,”sins”, we can really begin enjoying life, instead of defending ourselves, judging others, making war with our inner and outer world.

This isn’t something that happens overnight, and may not heal your biggest problem right away, but will begin to navigate a course through the quagmire of painful emotions. You will begin seeing evidence that there is an easier way to experience life than how you’ve been trying. At that point life becomes easier.

About the quote at the top…..that woman’s beloved husband had died a few weeks before attending the Joyful Life Training last January. This Positivity+Breathwork stuff works folks!

Sending you joyful blessings!


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