Why do so many people spend their lives in a wasteland of past regrets, anger or bitterness? Their true power is wasted and lost.

They may have a fear of being powerless, humiliated, or whatever else is in there. Waste!

This is where they need a miracle, a change in perception, where changes are made in the realm of timelessness.

Miracles happen outside the confines of the human experience and how we humans assume it should be. Time is suspended. True change occurs.

The Power of Miracles

In the nonphysical version of us, miracles happen in timelessness. The personal experience of this powerful mysticism changes us when we allow it to.

The inner world is WAY more powerful than the outer world!

This outer world we see isn’t even real. It’s all our projection; an illusion that we’ve made up. And since we have created this illusion of ours, that means we can also make up something entirely different, better, if we want to!

Once you’ve experienced and know that the nonphysical inner world is completely real, you will find that the journey to believe in yourself was so worth it. That you’re worth all of the good you can ever imagine!

You’re worth developing a reverence for who you are, and honoring of yourself. You’re worth becoming spiritually and intuitively alive. You’re worth building your inner knowing that’s so strong, no one or no words can move it.

The more you trust The Great Divine Presence within, miracles will happen in your life. Synchronicities will become normal and natural. You’ll know you are on the right path. And when synchronicities and miracles don’t happen, you may wonder what’s wrong. 🙂

Our planet would benefit from us spending more time on our inner world, cleaning out the psychic waste that is keeping us from our potential happiness.

We need to take time nourishing what we were created as in the beginning, which is inherently good; a place of peace. It needs to be polished daily, needs our attention and focus. This precious inner magnificence needs to be put first.

It is of utmost importance to take time each morning to set an intention to experience a day of peace, meaning and of reverence for everyone and everything.

And during the day to notice the words we use. Our words are our affirmations. Make them loving to ourselves and to others.

As we take time to support and nourish ourselves on the inside, we will begin to notice how lovely our lives and the world around us will become.

A miracle is a change in perception of what we see. This affirmation from A Course in Miracles is one I use when I feel judgement, anger, etc. “I am willing to see this differently”.

🌺 Love and blessings to you all,


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